Licensed Childcare (ages 3-5)

Concord’s Child Development Center is like a “double stuffed Oreo”. The program is double with love and care on the inside. The outside layers have support services for the family and a rich curriculum devoted to the child’s development.

Concord’s Child Development Center provides affordable and quality childcare for children ages 3-5 who are from households described as “working poor families”. Concord’s fees on average are $35/week compared to market rates of $135/week and the “elite” programs of $208/week. Concord’s Child Development Center is licensed with the Indiana Bureau of Child Care, Family and Social Services Administration.

While Concord’s fees are affordable the curriculum and services mirror those of the ritziest learning centers. Concord’s facility is nested under an oak tree with a view that appreciates a neighborhood park and the main facility with a burst of activity by older children, families and senior participants. The child development facility amenities are a natural replication of a family.

The Concord Child Development Center embraces the cultural diversity of the participants. All of the children engage equally in learning social skills and academics, including age appropriate introductions to geography, biology, botany, art and music. Intermittently during the year, the center presents foreign languages and tastes of various cultures. The instructors also sprinkle in a few demonstrations of sign language. And let us not forget the nutrition breakfast, lunch and snacks served lovingly each day wrapped in lessons about good table manners and the importance of “healthy eating habits”.

Families served by the childcare unit are also provided with support programs, which then afford them holistic and comprehensive care, an attribute not typical of childcare centers-market rate or elite. The families’ needs can be addressed on-site through the social services department, which offers counseling, basic resources, workforce development activities, GED classes and any other barrier that may be impeding the child and families development. Another feature for the children attending the center is they can transition from the childcare unit to the school-age service and then to the intensive youth development programs. The continuum of care services allows parents to have all of their children at the center leaving them with one stop for quality supervision while they are at work or in training.

Another well kept secret of the Concord Child Development Center is the well qualified teachers and supportive staff. The credentials of the staff exceed those required. In addition to the educational strengths, the low turner over and years of experience of the center personnel results in premier services. The staff knows not just the currently enrolled child, but also the entire family as surely a previous generation was served at Concord. In addition to the staff longevity, the Concord Board of Directors too has a percentage that has provided guidance for over twenty to twenty-five years. Consequently, the board has guided the operations offering continuity, a historical perspective and a context of knowledge about the programs. Mention of experience cannot be stated without illuminating the extensive history of the agency having been established in 1875 and building relationships with the Southside for over 130 years.