Concord & the COVID-19 Pandemic

We're Here for our Southside Neighbors

During these uncertain times, Concord remains committed to its mission. Our vision is "to help Southside neighbors to a better way of life." And this looks like childcare, basic needs assistance, and enrichment opportunities on a good day, but even more so on the gloomy ones. Beginning March 13, 2020 Concord will:

Remain open to provide childcare for youth who are enrolled. We will maintain normal operation of the early learning program and provide out-of-school care while school is closed. Our priority of service is 1) children who are already; and then 2) new families in the catchment area, as long as space is permitting.

Staff the reception desk to answer all your questions and calls in a timely manner. If possible, please call us at 317.637.4376 rather than visiting the Center in order to minimize contact;

Suspend the senior enrichment and nutrition programs in order to protect the safety of all. We promise to stay in touch, and if you need anything--including a familiar voice to talk to--just call us at 317.637.4376;

Observe all best practices recommendations, including social distancing, increase cleanliness measures, and placing hand sanitizer in all common areas; 

Kindly, kindly, kindly ask that for your patience and understanding. If you feel the least bit "off" to stay home! If you feel more than the least bit "off," display symptoms of COVID-19, or believe you have been exposed, contact your doctor immediately. If you've been to Concord in the last two weeks, please let us know of any known exposure or diagnoses as soon as possible.


Just because we're here, doesn't mean you have to be

Here's how we're entertaining ourselves while school (and mostly everything else!) is closed: 

1) Browsing IMCPL's expanded library of resources:

2) Taking virtual tours of famous museums:

3) Trying out new recipes: