Our  Staff


Niki Girls, MS, Executive Director, ext. 2111

Cill Flanary, MSW,  Deputy Director, ext. 2117


Resource Development and Community Outreach

Hallie Robbins, MPA, MA, Resource Development Coordinator, ext. 2141

Lisa Barnes, Neighborhood Advocate, ext. 2110


Nutrition and Enrollment
Paula Richter-Hayes, MPA, Nutrition Manager, ext. 2130


Dynki Deli

 ext. 2121




Family Social Services

Dana Orr, MSW, LSW, Case Manager, ext. 2118


HIV Care Coordination

Sonya Cork, BSW, HIV Care Coordinator and Program Manager, ext. 2125

Mechelle Wimberly, BS, HIV Care Coordinator, ext. 2119

Danni Keller, MSW Candidate, HIV Care Coordinator, ext. 2135


Early Childhood Education

Scott Moore, BS, Director of Early Childhood Education, ext. 2136

Vicki Henderson, CDA, Lead Teacher, ext. 2137

Karla Aboytes, Assistant Teacher

Rose Bonwell, CDA, Assistant Teacher

Trena Collins, Assistant Teacher

Lisa Rogers, CDA, Lead Teacher


Youth and Teen Programs

Lynn Rogers, BS, Director of Children and Youth Services, ext. 2129

Briana McIntyre, Out-of-School Program Assistant Director, ext. 2139

Cindy Turentine, Before-School Program Staff 

Senior and Mature Adults

Cindy Turentine, Senior Coordinator, ext. 2124



Cindy Turentine


Receptionist 637.4376 or ext. 2110 

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Ann Phend, Data Entry and Reception