Children and Youth

Our licensed, Level 3 early childhood education program serves children between the ages of 3 to 5 years to provide basic supervision and build kindergarten-readiness skills.


Youth in the before- and after-school programs enjoy an array of activities: academic tutoring, sports and recreation, social and emotional skill-building, arts and crafts and small group games. We're open from 6AM to 6PM and provide all-day programming when school is not in session, such as summer break and fall and spring intersessions. 


Now for the Future is a comprehensive teenage development program that prepares youth for success in school and post-graduation. NFTF provides college- and career-readiness programming, academic support, social and relationship skill-building classes, and opportunities for creative and self expression. Teen Nights are offered twice weekly from 6 to 8PM for youth 10+. 



A service delivery model for people 3 to 103


Social Services

Concord's social workers help connect individuals to resources to foster self-sufficiency. Social services include employment counseling, rent and utility assistance, basic needs assistance, financial counseling, and referrals to other agencies.


The HIV Care Coordination Program was born during the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the early 1990s and has evolved to meet today's needs. Our care coordinators help individuals navigate the healthcare system, manage finances, and maintain a high quality of life.  Care coordination is provided anonymously.


Senior Neighbors

For seniors living on the near-Southside of Indianapolis, our program is an important means of socialization and assistance.


Our program is offered from 8AM to noon daily. Activities vary from bingo and dominoes, to field trips and health programming. The flexibility of our senior program enables participants to connect with age-appropriate activities and resources while maintaining their independence. 


Individuals 60 years of age or older are welcome. The cost to participate is $6 a year and includes subsidized lunch at our Dynki Deli.